A History of Reliable Logistics & Warehousing Services

Humble Beginnings

In 1992 three enterprising men sought to fill a void by establishing a 3PL for plastics in the southeast to serve the needs of brokers/distributors and producers of plastic resins.  Bringing the point of final distribution closer to those processing the resins into finished goods.  The first facility was established in the major logistics hub of Atlanta, GA with a warehouse in nearby Duluth, GA and a focus on providing rail and bulk truck to gaylord packaging as well as handling and storage of pre-packaged virgin and recycled resins.

Going Solo

One owner, Lou Nappi, took full ownership of Pax in 1997. Logistics runs deep in Lou’s family.  His grandfather, father, and uncles ran Rollo Trucking in Keyport, NJ and close relatives ran Nappi Trucking.  After graduating college, Lou worked for ocean carriers for 30+ years.  He rose through the ranks to VP North America Operations at Nedlloyd Lines before starting Pax.

Lou expanded Pax’s operations to include the markets of Charlotte, NC and Chattanooga, TN in 2001.  Services such as freight management and rail to bulk transloading services were added to provide a one-stop shop for plastics logistics.

Lou believed in the concept of growing the business by developing customers into raving fans.  At one point, the book Ravings Fans by Dr. Ken Blanchard was required reading for all new employees.  Lou’s framework for customer service was to provide each customer with one point of contact regardless of facilities or services utilized.  This provided consistency and simplicity in communications and accountability to personally serve each customer.  This model remains core to our ability to develop a deep understanding of each customer’s unique way of operating on a day to day basis, aligning us to best serve each customer’s needs.

2nd Generation

Lou’s son, Michael, had become active in the business in 2006.  Initially focusing on improving Pax’s technology infrastructure as the one-man IT department.  Throughout, Michael worked closely with Lou and adopted the raving fans mentality.  He became CEO in 2014 and majority owner in 2016.  Michael has also embraced the principals of conscious capitalism as a guide for the way in which the company operates.

Navigating through the “great recession”, since 2010 Pax has grown from 256,000 to 436,000 square feet.  We focus on delivering service with simple and direct channels of communication, developing a deep understanding of our customers unique requirements, engaging employees to be thoughtful in action, and taking ownership of our mistakes so we can learn and improve.