High Capacity Storage & Flexibility for Resin Manufacturers and Suppliers


During the ebb and flow of sales, you need to know that your product has somewhere to go. With over 400,000 square feet of space spread across three locations, Pax has the space to give you the breathing room you need to keep production flowing.


With three locations spread across the southeast, we can help you stay one step ahead, storing your product as close to the end user as possible. This enables just-in-time or near just-in-time delivery, at the same time increasing freight reliability and reducing freight cost.  Please see our location page for more details.


Whether producing domestically with the option of shipping via bulk hopper cars or importing plastic resin in containers for sale in the US, we have the means to deliver to your customers in their preferred format.  For example, our most common transloading operation for imported plastic resin is to transfer from packages (super sack, box, or 25kg bag) into self-loading pneumatic bulk trucks for final delivery to a silo.  Pax has the experience and ability to perform a variety of transloading services to meet your needs.